Homeschool Coursework

04/02 -- 03/30 

Find your students' scheduled classes and download the assignements for each.  

Your student is responisble for completing all assignments of their scheduled classes.  You can contact the teachers during the designated times we provided; for further instruction or assistance.  This page will be updated each week.

Monday/Wednesday Schedules

Tuesday/Thursday Schedules

Here is a copy of Monday/Wednesday class schedules for each student.  Please locate your student(s) name and grade level to view what classes they have.
Here is a copy of Tuesday/Thursday class schedules for each student.  Please locate your student(s) name and grade level to view what class they have.

Miss Alyssa Math

Miss Alyssa 2nd Grade Lang. Arts

1st Period
We are learning how to tell time on a clock.  Do the worksheets at your own pace as long as compeleted by Thursday.  I attached an answer key for parents, make sure to remove before handing to students
Mon-Thurs -- 2nd Period
Close Reading Passages; complete 4 each day


Miss Alyssa Intermediate Lang. Arts

Miss Alyssa Science

Mon- Thurs -- 2nd Period
Mon: Fishing for Proper Nouns
Tues: Common or Proper Nouns
Wed: Noun Town #1
Thurs: Noun Town #2
Mon/Wed -- 4th Period
Mon: Brain Pop Questions 1 Virus'
Tues: Brain Pop Questions #2 & Earth Cross Section
Wed: Brain Pop Questions 3 
Thurs: Brain Pop Questions 4
Links have been provided for Brain Pop assistance


Miss Alyssa 6-8 Grade English

Miss Alyssa Social Studies

​Mon/Wed -- 5th Period
Mon: The Nighingale and the Rose 
Wed: The Cat That Walked by Himself

​Mon-Thurs -- 4th Period
Mon-Thurs: Complete the state info sheet for four states; start in alphabetical order. 
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas


Ms. Priscilla Economics

Ms.  Priscilla 6-8 Grade Agriculture 

Tues/Thurs. 3rd Period
Tues: Econimics Worksheet: Money!
Thursday: Economis Worksheet: Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve
Use internet for definitions
Mon/Wed -- 2nd Period
Mon: Livestock Sheep Worksheets
Wed: Livestock Goat Worksheets
Use the internet to label the diagrams

Ms. Priscilla 9-12 Agriculture

Ms. Priscilla 9-12 World Geog.

​Mon/Wed -- 3rd Period
Tues/Thurs -- 2nd Period
Mon/Tues: Livestock Sheep Worksheets
Wed/Thurs: Livestock Goat Worksheets
Use the internet to label the diagrams
Tues/Thurs -- 4th & 5th Period
Tues: Pages 1 & 2 
Thurs: Pages 3 & 4
Use the internet to locate the places on the map.

Ms. Priscilla 8-12 English

Mr. Rodriguez 9-12 World Religion 

Mon/Wed -- 4th Period 
Tues/Thurs -- 1st Period
Mon/Tues: Auhor's Purpose Activity
Wed/Thurs: Author's Purpose Activity #2
Mon/Wed -- 2nd Period
Tues/Thurs -- 5th Period
Tues: Confucius: China's Great Teacher
Thurs: Lao-Tzu and the Origin of Taoism​​

Mr. Rodriguez 6-8 Grade TX History

Mr. Rodriguez Nutrition & Wellness

Mon/Wed -- 1st Period​
Mon: Find Latitude and Longitude Worksheet
Wed: Read a Time Line Worksheet
They also have The Executive Branch packet to complete from before Spring Break
Tues/Thurs -- 3rd & 4th Period​
6-8 Grades & 9-12 Grades
Tues: Levenson Multidimensional Locus of Control Scales
Thurs: Occupational Wellness

Mr. Rodriguez 6-8 Forensic Science

Mr. Rodriguez 9-12 Forensic Sci. 

​​Mon/Wed -- 3rd Period 
Tues/Thurs -- 1st Period
Mon/Tues: CSI Web Adventures
Wed/Thurs: Forensic Science A to Z Challenge
Use the internet for CSI Web Adventures Worksheet, the website is given in the directions
Mon/Wed -- 3rd Period​
Mon: Forensic Science A to Z Challenge 
Wed: Put the vocabulary words from Monday's worksheet in alphabetical order

Mr. Rodriguez 9-12 US History

Mr. Hamilton 9-12 Speech

Mon/Wed -- 5th Period​
Mon: The Spanish-American War 
Wed: Ambivalent Empire 
Mon/Wed -- 2nd Period​
Due to not being able to "present" a speech; students need to write a letter to their future grandchildren about the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.  Use your creativity and be informative. 
2 page MINIMUM

Mr. Hamilton Consumer Math

Mr. Hamilton Theatre Arts 

​​Mon/Wed -- 1st Period
Mon: Mean, Mode, Median & Range Worksheet 1
Wed: Mean, Mode, Median & Range Worsheet 2
Feel free to call for more information or directions
​​Mon-Thurs -- 3rd Period
6-8 Grade & 9-12 Grade
Mon/Tues: William Shakespeare Worksheets 7 & 8
Wed/Thurs: William Shakespeare Worksheets 9 & 10

Mr. Hamilton Grade Pre Algebra

Mr. Hamilton Algebra 1

Mon/Wed -- 4th Period​
Mon: Fractions from Drawing Worksheet 1 & 2
Wed: Write &  work out 10 fraction addition problems with common denominators and 5 fraction addition with out a common denominators. Use any fractions you choose.
You may contact me for further instructions or directions
​​Mon/Wed -- 5th Period
Mon: Multiplying Monomials Worksheet 1
Wed: Multiplying Monomials Worksheet 2
I attached examples and directions, you can contact me for further instruction or directions.

Mr. Hamilton Geometry

Mr. Hamilton 6-8 Grade Biology

Tues/Thurs -- 5th Period
Tues: Math Fundamentals 3 Questions 1-25
Thurs Math Fundamentals 3 Questions 26-52
Use the chart to anwer the questions about Geometry
Tues/Thurs -- 1st Period
Tues: Lesson 3.1 Critical Reading
Thurs: Lesson 3.1 Introduction to Cells

Mr. Hamilton 9-12 Biology

Mr. Hamilton Accounting

Tues/Thurs -- 2nd Period
Tues: Lesson 3.1 Introduction to Cells
Thurs: Lesson 3.1 Critical Reading 
Tues/Thurs -- 4th Period
Tues: General Accounting Vocabualry 1-30
Thurs: General Vocabulary 31-63
Use the internet to define the vocabulary